2023-24 IEEE Region 10 Director-Elect Candidate

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Takako Hashimoto
Vice President, Director of International Center, Chiba University of Commerce (Professor)
IEEE Japan Council Chair (2021-2022)
Member, IEEE Computer Society Board of Governor (2021-23)


I have served in different positions such as IEEE WIE Chair (2015-16), IEEE Japan Council Chair (2021-22), IEEE R10 Secretary (2019-20), and continuously contributed to IEEE Headquarters, Region 10, and Sections/Councils. Through my experience, I could build a strong network in MGA, especially in R10. As a researcher, I have led various projects in the field of AI (data mining, topic extraction, etc.) and developed close relationships with top researchers in academia and industries. As the Chair of IEEE Japan Council with about 14K members, I support the activities of Students, WIE, YP, LM, MD, and EA, and lead various projects such as facilitating the bridge between sections and Chapters, encouraging membership elevation, and highlighting members’ contributions.

I am grateful for the many brilliant friends and valuable times spent in IEEE, and I look forward to building a brighter future with you in R10.


With approximately 150K members, IEEE R10 continues to grow even under the challenging situation and is the largest, the most diverse, and one of the most important regions in IEEE. If I am elected as the R10 Director, I would like to dedicate my experience and knowledge to the following matters.

  1. Initiate projects to provide lifelong education through IEEE’s Learning Network to students, YPs, WIE, seniors, and LMs in R10 to learn new skills, build careers.
  2. Strengthen the relationship with industries, provide more tangible values to industry members.
  3. Enhance Reaching Locals project and promote innovative projects to develop effective local solutions.
  4. Promote diverse communication to enhance the presence of R10 members and encourage Diversity & Inclusion in IEEE.
  5. Respect diversity within R10 and actively represent the voice and concerns of R10 in IEEE Board on various issues, including region realignment.


Takako Hashimoto graduated from the Ochanomizu University in Japan and received a Ph.D. in computer science from the Graduate School of Systems and Information Engineering, University of Tsukuba. She worked at the Software R&D Center of Ricoh Co. Ltd., Japan, and in April 2009, became Associate Professor of Chiba University of Commerce. In 2015, she stayed at University of California, Los Angeles as a visiting researcher. She is currently the Vice President and Professor of the Faculty of Commerce and Economics at Chiba University of Commerce. She has focused on data mining research and social media analysis, especially topic extraction from millions of tweets related to disasters and the COVID-19 pandemic. She served as a Board Member of the Database Society of Japan, Research Fellow of the University of Tokyo, and Fellow of Information Processing Society of Japan. She is a recipient of the 2019 MGA Larry K. Wilson Transnational Award.





  • IEEE Educational Activities Board, TAB Representative (2020-2021)
  • IEEE Awards Board Presentation and Publicity Committee (2020-21)
  • IEEE Eric Herz Outstanding Staff Member Award Committee (2020-21)
  • IEEE MGA Membership Recruitment and Recovery Committee, Chair (2017-18)
  • IEEE Women in Engineering Committee, Chair (2015-16)


  • IEEE R10 Secretary (2019-20)
  • IEEE R10 Women in Engineering Coordinator (2011-14)


  • IEEE Japan Council Chair (2021-22)
  • IEEE Japan Council Board Member (Ex-Officio) (2011-20)


  • IEEE Computer Society Board of Governors (2021-23)


  • IEEE R10 HTC 2022 Technical Program Committee Chair
  • IEEE SOLI 2021 International Advisory Committee Member
  • IEEE Tech Forum on Mitigating Societal Harms in a Social Media World 2021

Organizing Committee Member

  • IEEE InTech Forum 2020 Program Committee Member
  • IEEE ICAST 2019, 2020, Publicity Chair


  • IEEE STEM Ambassador 2021


  • IEEE MGA Larry K. Wilson Transnational Award 2019 – For inspiring leadership and contributions to IEEE Women in Engineering across the world with the mission: Inspire, Encourage, Engage and Empower.
  • IEEE Women in Engineering Outstanding Volunteer Award 2019
  • IEEE Computer Society Golden Core Member Award 2021
  • Information Processing Society of Japan Fellow 2019